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Our team are fully equipped and qualified to install your solar system

Solar Panel Installation Penrith

At Sams Solar, our dedicated team of professional installers with vast experience in handling projects in commercial and residential environments is committed to meeting your needs. An efficient solar panel installation without disrupting your daily schedule is our promise to you.

Use only a CEC accredited installer

The Clean Energy Council was formed as an independent body to ensure compliance with international best standards in the solar industry. By providing training and accreditation for solar installers, they ensure the safety and reliability of solar systems. Being accredited by the Clean Energy Council is a badge of honour, a mark of credibility, and needless to say, it guarantees customer satisfaction.

The CEC fully accredits our team. By making the wise decision of buying your solar panel system from us, you have gained access to a professional support network that has your interests at heart.

Solar Panel Installation Penrith - CEC Accredited Installer

Wide range of solar power systems

We are your one-stop center for solar power systems for every need. From a small business owner to a large commercial retailer, our wide range of solar systems are completely durable and reliable. Our vast array of sophisticated solar power systems is reliable for commercial and residential applications.

Measured at 6.6KW, our smallest residential solar system is adequate for your domestic needs. If you desire to go a step further, a 10KW and a hybrid system are also available.

Commercial business owners will find our larger systems of 100KW, 50KW, 30KW, and 15KW installations more to their energy needs. You can be confident that by choosing to have your solar panel installation installed by Sams Solar that you will get an efficient and durable solar system.

Choose Sams Solar Penrith For All Your Solar Panel Installation Needs

Speak with the experts today. Let Sam analyze your electricity consumption to match you with the best solar panel system for your needs.

Put Your Trust In Sams Solar

We provide easy to understand advice and value solar systems products backed by popular solar brands.

Sams Residential Solar Installations Penrith

We Calculate Your Energy Needs

Our expert solar energy consultant will analyse your electricity usage to determine the best return on investment system for you.
Sams Residential Solar Installations Penrith

We Provide Multiple Solar System Options

Choose from one of the value product solar packages that is right for your budget that will be presented to you.
Sams Residential Solar Installations Penrith

We Are With You All The Way

From initial consulation to installation completion, we are with you all the way and available for ongoing solar support needs.