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Leasing your land for the construction of large scale Solar Farms

Sams Energy - Commercial Solar Energy Supplier

Sams Energy offers land-owners the opportunity to lease excess land on their properties for the construction and implementation of a renewable energy Solar Farm. These are designed to export generated energy back into the power grid to be sold on the National Electricity Market.

Sams Energy - Commercial Solar Energy Supplier

If you’re a land owner that has large areas of flat and unused land, you can benefit from a long-term leasing agreement with Sams Energy. It’s a great way to utilise your property to secure a healthy yearly income for up to 25 years without having to do a thing.

How It Works

Sam endeavors to make the process and installation from start to finish as seamless as possible by following these three key steps:

Sams Energy Solar Farm Process - Step 1 Location Assessment Icon

1. Location Assessment

Sam will assess your site for the feasibility of building a Sams Energy Solar Farm. Key criteria are flat, cleared land that is free of obstructions and vegetation, and it’s location to the National Electricity Infrastructure Network.

Sams Energy Solar Farm Process - Step 2 Application Approval Icon

2. Application Approval

Upon a successful land assessment, Sam will take care of all the necessary Solar Farm design and application process. This includes arranging all the required documentation required to submit your proposal for final approval.

Sams Energy Solar Farm Process - Step 3 Construction

3. Construction

Once everything is approved, Sam will begin building your Sams Energy Solar Farm, which when finished will be connected to the National Electricity Market ready for solar generation. Expect the overall process to take up to 26 weeks.

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Why Sams Solar Is Right For You

Sams Solar is a boutique and selective commercial solar plant installation company. Sam is all about using your business realestate to its maximum potential to ensure your costs are kept to what is only essentially needed.

Creating Efficient And Quality Solar Power Plants Every Time

Using specific analysis of your business, this is Sams promise to you. By taking full advantage of your commercial realestate, you are guaranteed to maximise your future energy savings.