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About Sams Solar Penrith

Who We Are?

We are your friendly Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Installation Company located in Penrith NSW. We are a family owned business and we love to help and support you in our Solar journey together.

Our Aim

Helping you to understand how solar works and how it can benefit you moving towards a renewable energy future.

Mission Statement

Its challenging to navigate through the large number of confusing solar options in the market.

 Sams Solar is owned and operated by a licensed electrician with a diploma of electrical engineering and a builder’s license. This experience has led Sams Solar to operate intestate, building solar farms to the agricultural sector with the distribution of Solar farms ranging from 100 kw-up to 2 megawatts. Most of these solar farms built by Sam are in very remote locations that endure large losses of power when they are transported into towns.

 With the years of advance knowledge that Sam has gained from solar farms. Sam has been able to put forward a master plan for Penrith and greater western businesses by bringing solar farms into the central hub where business need the power from the solar with minimum to no losses.


About Sams Solar Company Penrith

Sams Solar Is the sister company to Sams Energy, this enables solar farms within industrial areas and business parks and precincts. By removing the financial burden from a landlord or tenant pursuing ELECTRIFICATION….

Partnering business with sustainability is not where it ends for Sam….

After reviewing the solar options that are limited in the marketplace for homeowners, Sam has stepped in with his large buying power to Save everyday households….

Sam does not Believe that “Best” has to equal expensive.

Solar companies with pushy salespeople, poor installation and limited after sales help is NOT who we are.

“Best” is the solar system that meets your ROI with realistic life warranties backed by a solar company with ethical standards.

Our service is exceptional and is only offered to a limited number of households, this ensures great installations and increasing your experience and Value for money.

Put Your Trust In Sams Solar

We provide easy to understand advice and value solar systems products backed by popular solar brands.

Sams Residential Solar Installations Penrith

We Calculate Your Energy Needs

Our expert solar energy consultant will analyse your electricity usage to determine the best return on investment system for you.
Sams Residential Solar Installations Penrith

We Provide Multiple Solar System Options

Choose from one of the value product solar packages that is right for your budget that will be presented to you.
Sams Residential Solar Installations Penrith

We Are With You All The Way

From initial consulation to installation completion, we are with you all the way and available for ongoing solar support needs.

Choose Sams Solar Penrith For All Your Solar Panel Installation Needs

Speak with the experts today. Let Sam analyze your electricity consumption to match you with the best solar panel system for your needs.