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30kW Solar System

The bigger the business, the more expensive the energy costs and greater the CO2 emissions expelled into the environment. Switching to a renewable energy source like a power solar system is the answer to decreasing all these effects.

As an industry leader in the provision of commercial solar, we are not oblivious to large-scale industries’ complex energy needs. We are committed to assisting businesses to cut down their electricity bills and leave a negative carbon footprint while meeting their energy needs.

Our advanced, sophisticated, high efficiency 100KW solar system is a perfect fit for retail stores, industrial complexes, warehouses, and office complexes across Australia. Our 100KW solar system package features a tier 1 solar panel and an efficient 100KW solar inverter providing 24/7 power for your commercial and domestic needs.

Our capable professional and Clean Energy Council accredited installers are always available to fit our commercial solar systems across New South Wales. This is to tell you that our system was brilliantly designed to withstand the severest heat of Australian summer.


Solar System Panels

180 x 370W = 29,970W of Solar Panels Power Output

  • Tier 1 Solar Module
  • Reputed Solar Brand
  • High Efficiency Solar Module
  • 25 Years of Panel Linear Output Warranty
  • Local Australian Support


Solar System Inverter

1 x 30kW Solaredge Inverter

  • High Efficiency
  • Proven Track Record
  • Online Monitoring (optional)


Solar System Mounting Kit

Panel Mounting Kit

  • Flexible Roof Mounting Solution
  • Available in Tin, Tile and Clip lock
  • Fully Anodized and Corrosion-resistant
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Install


Solar System Installation

Solar Installation

  • CEC Accredited Licensed Solar Electrician
  • Professionally Trained for Solar Installation
  • Experts with Tons of Experience
  • 5 Year Installation Warranty
  • Fast Turn Around


  • Panels
  • Inverter
  • Mounting kit
  • Installation
  • Grid Connection
  • Fast Installation

Solar Power Generates

Annual Saving Generation : 44,165* kW/year
Annual Saving Price : $10,504*/year

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