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Residential Solar Installation Penrith

Residential Solar

Installing a residential solar panel system on your roof is an investment for the future and will save you money on your electricty costs.

Commercial Solar Installation Penrith

Commercial Solar

Installing a Solar Power Plant for your commercial business will provide an ongoing energy efficient sustainability solution for the future.

Solar Panel Services Penrith

Solar Services

Ensure your solar system is working efficiently and generating maxium energy by having Sams Solar perform regular maintenance on it.

Choose Sams Solar Penrith For All Your Solar Panel Installation Needs

Speak with the experts today. Let Sam analyze your electricity consumption to match you with the best solar panel system for your needs.

Six Step Sams Solar Process

Sams Solar Penrith - System Design


Sam will assess your household energy usage to determine what size solar system is right for you. This will then be matched with your available roof space and optimal orientation to ensure maximum solar energy return.

Sams Solar Penrith - Choose Your Package


With the many quality solar brands that Sams Solar trusts and uses, you will be presented with several solar package options to choose from.
Sams Solar Penrith - Solar Panel Government Incentives


You may be surprised to know that these government incentives to cut the cost of your solar installation still exist. Sam is familiar with all these types of paperwork and will happily help you navigate your way through it.
Sams Solar Penrith - Solar Panel Installation


Once you are happy with the assessed solar system size and cost, Sam will arrange an installation date and time to suit you. Generally, residential sized solar systems of up to 5kW take 1 day to install and 2 for larger systems.
Sams Solar Penrith - Maintenance Support


Ensure you solar system is running efficiently all year round by have Sams Solar regulary perform maintenance services.

Sams Solar Penrith - Solar Installation Warranty


With each and every solar power system that is installed by Sams Solar, you are guaranteed the higheest quality workmanship, backed by a 5 year installation warranty.

Start Reducing Your Electricity Costs

Save money every year with a tailored solar power sytem

Sams Solar Penrith - Tailored Solar Solutions Icon

Tailored Solar Solutions

Sam is all about using your existing roof space to its maximum potential and ensuring your needs are matched correctly with a quality solar system.
Sams Solar Perth - Energy Consumption Anaylsis

Energy Consumption Analysis

Sams Solar will use your electricity bills to analysis your households or businesses energy consumption and recommend a solar system to cover your needs.
Sams Solar Penrith - Quality Workmanship Guarantee Icon

Quality Workmanship

With each and every solar panel installation completed by Sams Solar, you are guaranteed the highest quality workmanship with a standard 5 year installation warranty.